Travel in Style – Keep it Basic

Look effortlessly stylish in this comfortable patch pocket dress from GAP

When I travel, I try to use the Golden Flight Attendant Packing Rule: pack, then take half of your clothes out, then take away another half.  If you’re like most travellers, you image yourself wearing all sorts of outfits you don’t venture out in at home, or changing multiple times. Typically people on vacation want to relax and feel comfortable, it’s even more true for those of us with ostomies. When we are out experiencing new things, there’s something comforting about wearing clothes you trust and know wear well. People tend to default to their comfort zone and wear only a handful of their go-to outfits.

Over the years I have experimented with styles for warm weather travel to see what is the most comfortable. Comfort is key, but being stylish is important whether I’m the road, or on vacation. I have stuffed and squished more outfits, hats, pairs of shoes and alternate weather gear than could fit in my suit case. I’ve sat on top of my bulging case to force the zipper to close on the many variations of me I thought I would explore when away. The same thing always happens when I get to my destination or embark on a road trip. I survey the hopeful heap and dig for my cozy clothes. I wear breathable fabrics and as much as I try to break out of my habit, I always default to my safe place: basic black. In fact, I wear so much black it’s tricky to see if there’s anything in my black lined suit case now. An added bonus is I can dress in the dark because everything goes together. My daughter once asked me why I always wear “dead people clothes”. I just smiled knowing someday she would understand my relationship with forgiving, flattering, basic black.
I do bust out of my style routine from time to time when on vacation, and toss on a pair of locally made earrings or a fun scarf. I am firm believer in what I like to call “distraction action” and wearing colorful or eye catching accessories is key. I always pick up a piece or two when travelling to go with my black basics.  Since it goes with everything, I can pick up a floppy tank to top my black Capri’s or a tropical sarong to wrap around my black swim suit. I also trust my black clothes because they are forgiving if you spill and don’t show the dirt. And as the flight attendants say, “In the unlikely case of an emergency”…black gives me added confidence.

My Two Cents – Lucky O’ Canada Pennies!

Anyone who knows me knows I like to add my two cents to any conversation – and that I’m Canadian. What would be more delightful that this conversation piece! Be a master of distraction in your wardrobe and wear these fun earrings to bring added value to your next conversation.

Lucky O’ Canada Pennies!
If you like to wear currency, are a fan of Canada, or just like maple leaves these earrings are for you! Two authentic Canadian pennies are drilled, domed (dapped), given a patina, brushed to highlight the images and hung from hand formed sterling silver ear wires. Cute and a good conversation starter- Have you been to Canada?

Medical ID tags with a wink


OK here’s my new favorite thing! Check out these great medical alert tag necklaces. Fiddledee ID’s offers functional medical id tags. It’s recommended to carry some kind of ID when travelling in case of emergencies. Why not do it in style, I found these ones pleasing. Gift Certificates are available and would be a great gift for someone you love.



Eliminate Stereotypes and Identify with these real people!


When I was facing my ostomy surgery, the only resources were pamphlets with images of active seniors. This increased my isolation and anxiety.  I wish that everyone got one of these images to look at when they lay in recovery. Nothing against the active seniors – but we’ll get there later. For now, it’s hopeful to identify with these strong and beautiful photos. I blogged on this colondar in Help Others already – just wanted to show you my favorite months here.

Dot Dot Dot – Favorite Tee



I found it! My favorite transitional weather tee! This is my go-to shirt when the spring sun is shining but tomorrow threatens snow. It’s been a tough spring and our neighborhood has the uprooted cherry blossoms to prove it. Slip into this Three Dots 3/4 Sleeve Playgirl Tee and find a sunny window. Check out for shorter sleeves and tanks for those of you in a more southern state – or state of mind.