Dot Dot Dot – Favorite Tee



I found it! My favorite transitional weather tee! This is my go-to shirt when the spring sun is shining but tomorrow threatens snow. It’s been a tough spring and our neighborhood has the uprooted cherry blossoms to prove it. Slip into this Three Dots 3/4 Sleeve Playgirl Tee and find a sunny window. Check out for shorter sleeves and tanks for those of you in a more southern state – or state of mind.

3 thoughts on “Dot Dot Dot – Favorite Tee

  1. Hi–I had surgery for rectal cancer last Friday and came out of it with an ileostomy, so I can’t tell you how excited I am to find your blog & My Kare Kit! This newbie will be watching it closely for tips. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Hi Brigita,

    Welcome to myKareKit blog! I can tell you are going to handle this all really well just by your attitude here. At my website: I am building Problem-Solution product reviews and are adding more solutions regularly. If you have a challenge, send me an email: and I’ll do my best to help find a solution!
    Take care and stay positive. This will not define you.

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