Overwhelmed? Escape to a movie.

When things get overwhelming, I tend to go for the escape. Today I pulled on my wool socks, made a cup of tea and snuggled up with a movie. When I am tired, or tired of putting on a brave face, I sink deeply into a movie. Nothing better than a good sad film to pull up my tears and flush out emotional baggage. My current favorite is “Once“. Simply put, it’s brilliant. Any movie that leaves me crying in the seat as the credits roll, goes down in pen on my list of lifetime favorites. So if you, or someone you know, is holding back some tears, rent this one and pull up a blanket. Nothing like a good cry sometimes.

Go Green in Style!

Want to brighten someone’s day? Deliver a simple dinner in a pleasing package. Presentation is everything, and what could be better than a vintage inspired tote? I recommend cooking up some soup and tossing in a fresh baguette. Nothing like soul soothing soup. Check out Pretty Green where the Pangea Bag offers a fresh appeal to green style. I am obsessed with vintage prints and love the quality of this bag. Great for shopping, as a travel carry-on or just keep your bits and pieces tidy in the car inside this funky tote. It has a water repellent lining too!

Layer your own look!

I just got back from a whirlwind trip of three cities; Phoenix, Philadelphia and NYC. Three different weather patterns and various events to pack for. I tossed out all of my packing advise and took everything. It was ridiculous! I lugged a huge suitcase through airports and at the Philadelphia train station, I fumbled down a huge flight of stairs almost missing my train to NYC to see my sister. All of this could have been avoided if I had followed my own advise: pack light, wear black. I ended up pulling out my simple sun dresses in Phoenix (black, brown, black…did I mention black?) and as always my favorite jeans were a staple. I layered with a little springy yellow sweater I found just before I left and it boosted my mood immediately. I added and dropped layers throughout the week. Wish I found this website before I left, I could have figured out my look ahead of time. Check out Martin + Osa, where you can get a feel for your layered look with their fun interactive mannequin. Drag and drop items you like and create the perfect outfit – have fun!