Layer your own look!

I just got back from a whirlwind trip of three cities; Phoenix, Philadelphia and NYC. Three different weather patterns and various events to pack for. I tossed out all of my packing advise and took everything. It was ridiculous! I lugged a huge suitcase through airports and at the Philadelphia train station, I fumbled down a huge flight of stairs almost missing my train to NYC to see my sister. All of this could have been avoided if I had followed my own advise: pack light, wear black. I ended up pulling out my simple sun dresses in Phoenix (black, brown, black…did I mention black?) and as always my favorite jeans were a staple. I layered with a little springy yellow sweater I found just before I left and it boosted my mood immediately. I added and dropped layers throughout the week. Wish I found this website before I left, I could have figured out my look ahead of time. Check out Martin + Osa, where you can get a feel for your layered look with their fun interactive mannequin. Drag and drop items you like and create the perfect outfit – have fun!

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