Invest in the best – Jeans!

I have found my favorite jeans – David Kahn Nikki Stretch Jeans. They are a splurge but I wear them more than anything else in my wardrobe. I can dress em up or down, cuff them in summer with flip flops and pair with a great jacket in winter. They have just enough stretch to be comfortable on an airplane and just enough snug to hold everything together and make me feel secure in front. I am in L-L-love with these jeans and they have been worth every well-earned penny.

Everyone’s budget and priorities are different, and with that in mind, we will continue to offer great suggestions at For me, jeans are a wardrobe staple and over the years I have bargain shopped and spent hours searching for the best fit and current style. I have a truck load of misfits that ran me $24.99 and under. These, by far are the best ever. Full stop. If you can rationalize this purchase, I am behind you – you’ll look great comin’ or goin’! 

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