Privacy Please

Some would say I am an open book, but when it comes to my health challenges, I tend to go underground. I fold up and tuck myself in until my energy returns. I welcome and accept the love and support of the people who care about me, but I tend to hide out. I’d rather resurface when I feel more positive. One of the most amazing things a friend ever did for me was to suggest that people offer their support but keep their distance.

Adjusting to a new ostomy is very private, and quite honestly, nobody really wants to talk about it. They often don’t know what to say or do. Do your friends a favor and appoint someone to be your communicator – your PR Point Girl (Point Guy? Sometimes. But let’s be realistic 😉 ) Ask that friend to put a cooler on your doorstep and give a list of specific foods you can eat. Be specific about your needs and let your friend do the talking. Friends can drop off flowers, a meal or leave a note if they are nearby.

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