Find the Light

Sometimes things happen in life that we are simply not prepared for. We fall, we fail, or we collapse into illness. When I am met with an unexpected challenge, I try to “be true to the down times” and have a good private cry  – or lean on someone who loves me enough to just listen. It seems that if you don’t allow the tears, they’ll just bubble up when you least expect them anyway. 

Once I’ve wrung out some tears, I remember the words of my grandmother who told me, “Life’s tough, so toughen up. At some point you just have to put your lipstick on and head out anyway”.  She’s a painter, a breast cancer survivor and has endured more heartache through loss that anyone I am close to. She is my inspiration to get out and find the light in the day.

Once you’re outside, you’re reminded of all the life around you. All the beauty and business. All the other people with challenges. Some far greater than any I hope to ever face, and some who will never know the sorrow and challenges of having an ostomy.

Recently I was unexpected hospitalized and found myself in my regular cycle of disbelief, frustration that my life was to be put on hold again, hibernation, isolating to tears and need for privacy. Then once I allowed that process, I started accepting care from loved ones, getting lots of rest, and then was ready to step outside to find the light.

It works every time. A few small moves that shift everything to a better reality: Breath, accept support, rest and then get outside and find the light.