Stall Walls

Bathroom stall walls. Stared at a lot of them over the years. This image was from the walls of a stall that was decoupaged with Asian newspapers and I found it wonderfully appealing. For people who have suffered bowel disease, any little distraction is appreciated whilst spending so much time in the loo. I took a picture and thought about all the hours I spent in stalls before I had my ostomy. Terrible times. I remember laying on my side on the floor in the restroom during a dinner out, trying to allow some relief from gas pains. Each time someone would enter, I would jump up, only to lay prone again in agony. When your colon is inflamed, ulcerated and bleeding, even excess gas can be terrible. It’s all miserable and tough to manage. These pleasing distractions would have helped me back then, their faces are pleasing and empathetic.