Yoga pants I could wear all day

Besides full frontal face down positions, yoga is a great, safe and relaxing way to rejuvenate and strengthen. I found the best yoga pants at Lululemon that have a high enough rise to cover my stoma and enough structure to keep my appliance feeling secure. I think this model is wearing these low or has a really high belly button.

They aren’t cheap but well worth the investment for regular walks and getting to the gym. I could wear these pants all day. I like the distraction action of the waist band and they are reversible to black too!

selected color:BLACK/ BEACHY GREEN/ ARUBA black/ beachy green/ aruba


dance, sing, floss and travel

Here’s another cozy favorite. I like the front pockets that help distract from what’s happening sometimes unpredictably underneath. Sleep in em, grocery shop, get the mail – oh and exercise of course ­čÖé

Do I dare share?

dipping my toe in the video waters…

I did my first test video in my studio and made myself laugh. Humor has helped me through so much of my journey living with an ostomy and I couldn’t help but laugh at myself here too. Not sure I can take myself seriously enough to do this, but I think it’s nice to get to know one another a bit so here’s the test.

Check out my video here

How NOT to eat a carrot and other blockages

Blockage bits:

In Brooklyn railway apartment on my sister’s floor after Korean BBQ

Peanut butter sandwich and fresh juicy peach in a canoe in a lake in the Colorado Rockies

Endless mini carrots dipped in ranch, nodding and laughing listening to my wee daughters tell me stories of their day at elementary school.

Cheese at a wedding. Lots and lots of cheese until when it finally came out, I had a play dough like fun factory of a condensed cheese stick protruding from my sundress.

Turnups. turns out they don’t. Beets don’t beet it either, they like to stick around for a while

Zuccini soup. Fully cooked but those skins entwined and expanded until nothing was moving

Olives…how many? IDK as the kids would say, IDK. I do know, however, that I can chew 2 one hundred times each and chase with something oily and I’m golden.

Did you know that pushing fluids can actually expand a blockage? I’ll link to some real medical stats on this in a follow up blog, but with my bit of scar tissue bound intestine, I have more trouble with raw foods.

I’ve had a difference of opinion on my veggie intake. My body craves fresh vegetables and I love the feeling of the crunch. But I simply have to be very very careful since things are all twisted and random in there now and there’s no telling when the hose is gonna kink.

Another blockage trip to the hospital with Momo and Lilly

How often do I think about my bowel bag?

How often do I think about my bowel bag?

Enough to write about it in journals for 12 years. And another 15 before that, documenting my illness, disregard of my illness, depression and exhilaration. Adventures and stories. Research and library visits (before the internet) had me reading up on all the things I’d be able to do when I got my bowel bag but I found all of that hard to believe. I didn’t find any of it funny either. Couldn’t joke about feces exiting out my belly. I’m mean how ridiculous and upsetting. And how could I ever feel safe and secure in any aspect of my life. Well, the journey is in the journal. And now, I think, I’ll give it a real go and blog some of my moments. Dig a little deeper into some more private places. I’m going to take more risks. This pile of journals is only a sampling of my books of pain and prose, joy and remembrance. Attempts to document my life in a way that would be honest. Sometimes so scary I’d start writing in one journal only to switch halfway through a thought or story to another book and not date anything. Those were years where my trust was broken. It’s all here though, in these piles. Bits and drips of my thoughts, then sudden outpourings of emotion. Not always about my body changes and medical moments, but about the feelings and fear.┬á The change, the resurfacing to a new normal. Me. Mine. mykarekit. The whole kit and kaboodle if you will.

So read on if you feel like it and I hope it brings you some connection you might need. Otherwise, maybe my photographs will bring a sense of whimsy or reflection. We’ll see because 2011 is going to be the year of the blog for me. I’m ready. No time like today.

What should I call my ramblings that have me typing well past midnight. Did you hear about the midnight rambler? Everybody’s got to go. I just go all the time..anytime…unannounced.

Random Pages from the Ostomy Journal

Notes from the Hospital Bed

I’m your sister’s neighbor’s aunt

“What kind of bag would you like?” Got no choice.

Should I take questions? That always works well in public talks I’ve given. Far more interesting to tell you what you want to know and answer your concerns from my perspective. It’s refreshing. Drop me a line on my About Me Page

Love & Toast

When I first saw my daughter pull this pleasing tube out of her purse, I was tickled. Tickled pink.

Then I read the name: Love & Toast and was intrigued and delighted. My motto has always been that “tea makes everything better” and toast is the first thing you eat when you are on the mend. It’s all “love and toast” isn’t it?

It reminded me of when my friend Ann came over once after a surgery with some sweet smelling creams and cozy socks. At first I thought she was going to give me a food massage but she saw my startled reaction and told me to relax – she didn’t want to touch my feet. She just wanted me to smell and feel good. I always do when I see her.

I’ve been meaning to find the Love & Toast hand cream for a while because I just want to give it to everyone! When I found it, I was even more pleased with the fun website and the theme and mission.

Margot Elena of Love and Toast has a lovely Philosophy:

Pretty is as Pretty Does. With every Love & Toast purchase you will not only look good, but you are doing good. A portion of every Love & Toast sales goes directly to Regional Affiliates of Girls Inc., Inspiring young girls to be Smart, strong and bold.
They have an excellent and whimsical selection of greeting cards too. Wouldn’t you be delighted to have some pleasing hand cream and get one of these cards when you were in the hospital?

This one shares my other motto: Anything is possible.

Today I will sip tea

Today I will start it – begin.

Write and remember



Sip tea

Today I will think of you

Today I will put away my vintage Santa mugs,

Find new inspiration for my walls.

Photographs and sketches by my daughters.

Today I will be thankful

I am in a Happy New Year