Love & Toast

When I first saw my daughter pull this pleasing tube out of her purse, I was tickled. Tickled pink.

Then I read the name: Love & Toast and was intrigued and delighted. My motto has always been that “tea makes everything better” and toast is the first thing you eat when you are on the mend. It’s all “love and toast” isn’t it?

It reminded me of when my friend Ann came over once after a surgery with some sweet smelling creams and cozy socks. At first I thought she was going to give me a food massage but she saw my startled reaction and told me to relax – she didn’t want to touch my feet. She just wanted me to smell and feel good. I always do when I see her.

I’ve been meaning to find the Love & Toast hand cream for a while because I just want to give it to everyone! When I found it, I was even more pleased with the fun website and the theme and mission.

Margot Elena of Love and Toast has a lovely Philosophy:

Pretty is as Pretty Does. With every Love & Toast purchase you will not only look good, but you are doing good. A portion of every Love & Toast sales goes directly to Regional Affiliates of Girls Inc., Inspiring young girls to be Smart, strong and bold.
They have an excellent and whimsical selection of greeting cards too. Wouldn’t you be delighted to have some pleasing hand cream and get one of these cards when you were in the hospital?

This one shares my other motto: Anything is possible.

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