How NOT to eat a carrot and other blockages

Blockage bits:

In Brooklyn railway apartment on my sister’s floor after Korean BBQ

Peanut butter sandwich and fresh juicy peach in a canoe in a lake in the Colorado Rockies

Endless mini carrots dipped in ranch, nodding and laughing listening to my wee daughters tell me stories of their day at elementary school.

Cheese at a wedding. Lots and lots of cheese until when it finally came out, I had a play dough like fun factory of a condensed cheese stick protruding from my sundress.

Turnups. turns out they don’t. Beets don’t beet it either, they like to stick around for a while

Zuccini soup. Fully cooked but those skins entwined and expanded until nothing was moving

Olives…how many? IDK as the kids would say, IDK. I do know, however, that I can chew 2 one hundred times each and chase with something oily and I’m golden.

Did you know that pushing fluids can actually expand a blockage? I’ll link to some real medical stats on this in a follow up blog, but with my bit of scar tissue bound intestine, I have more trouble with raw foods.

I’ve had a difference of opinion on my veggie intake. My body craves fresh vegetables and I love the feeling of the crunch. But I simply have to be very very careful since things are all twisted and random in there now and there’s no telling when the hose is gonna kink.

Another blockage trip to the hospital with Momo and Lilly

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