Act on your thoughts of others

I love architecture and words. Words and letters and lyrics. I love stories. Telling them, reading them, hearing them. I saw part of a word that made me think of a friend the other day. I remember reading “telling someone you thought of them is far less powerful than taking the steps to send them a note in the mail”.  These days we can connect with one another within seconds with cameras on our phones and the ability to check our email, Twitter and Facebook from anywhere. I’m not sure I buy into the idea of posting my “minute-to-minute” but I was pleased to be able to take this picture and send it to my friend so she knew she was a part of my thoughts and my day.

To make it easy to send a note to a friend or loved one, I keep a drawer full of paper, envelopes and cards for any occasion. It’s OK that they aren’t all originals – it is the thought that counts. My next project is making my own cards from simple photos, but for now, I keep lots of notes on hand and try to think of others often. I helps when I’m having a down day.

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