if you’re feeling sketchy…try this

Sketch Swap - Draw 1 to get 1

I stumbled upon this spontaneously as I was feeling sad tonight.  I was literally thinking about missing people I love and feeling apart from any connection. I was feeling lost and needing some creativity.

Draw cartoons, art, brainstorms, anything.

It made me feel better.

Give it a shot.

No one needs to see it but you….

I don’t feel blue anymore.

Is there a doctor bag in the house?

Is there a doctor bag in the house? Let’s turn the tables on our physicians and show up at our next office visit with the latest trend in hand. I carry mykarekit full of ostomy supplies everywhere I go, tucked away in a nice big doctor bag. LOVE it so much I can’t stand it!

Nightfall Junior Doctor's Bag

Calvin Klein Handbag, Vienna Doctor Satchel