High Waisted Winners – and some that put the dare in FLARE

Free People puts the fancy into footloose trousers.

Know your rise and try these on for size…

Rangers High Rise Wideleg Jean

Rangers High Rise Wideleg Jean – Rise: 10″

Holy Flared Legs Batman! Easy does it sister! These Wideleg Jersey Pants are taking flare to a entirely new level!

High Waisted Pull On

Zippidy doo da day! Isn’t the front of these High Waisted Pull On 10 1/4″ rise jeans pleasing?

2 thoughts on “High Waisted Winners – and some that put the dare in FLARE

  1. Hi my name is jan and i having the op on 18th nov. i am worried about the jeans i can wear or pants will the bag show throw my clothes? i have brought tops that i think will hide it but am worried about pants as it is coming into summer here and i don’t wear dresses much only pants and jeans can you help me out on this part of clothing. How did you manage when you first had it done? did you think people were looking at you all the time i am worried about that also, i hope you can help me out with some answers thank you jan

  2. Hi Jan,

    So great to hear from you! I totally understand how you feel. When I was approaching surgery, I expected I would never wear jeans again. I got some jean overalls and dresses and had a hard time imagining leaving the house. I remember when I was on my FIRST outing and I thought everyone knew I had a pouch hanging off my belly. It’s strange how much we fixate on our flaws isn’t it? What started to happen for me was a slow and gentle reality that my awareness was only mine. When I am uncertain, I wear something cute and “flowy”. I’m glad you asked Jan because it’s time for me to start sharing more specific tips again. Where do you live that you are approaching summer?
    hope to keep the conversation going. When one asks, many benefit. Be gentle with yourself and rest up knowing this surgery will be your path to wellness.

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