Yoga with an Ostomy


In my mind I have an ongoing list of things I thought I’d never do again when I got my ostomy. I distinctly remember an afternoon crying on the couch when I realized I may never lay on my stomach again. What a simple thing I had always taken for granted. I realized I may never be able to sleep on my stomach, lay down to tan the back of my legs. Rest in certain postures in yoga. So simple and thoughtless – all gone now. No longer would I be able to roll over. Or so I thought.

Over the years I’ve done many things I never thought I would do again. Become athletic again. Be unafraid of accidents. Dismiss fear.

Believe in myself.

Move forward.

Back in October I started going to yoga regularly. It’s been transformational in my life on so many levels. The meditation is deeply spiritual for me and the flow of all my bodily fluids and blood to my extremities is exhilarating. My posture is better, my body is stronger which has helped my abdominal pain.

I fearlessly wear tight yoga pants which takes confidence.

And I lay on my stomach during yoga which is amazing. Not for long, but I do it.

and Yes, you can too.


Photo Credit: Be Free Photography via Brooke Boone – Jesus At The Core


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