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Once when I reached out to a woman who had an ostomy she replied, "well, it's not a bed of roses." It was before the internet. It was back when you had to attend support groups to get information about how to function and feel good about yourself with an ostomy. Most of the time in the early stages, you're not even up for that. Heading out of the house feels overwhelming. I imagined I'd never wear regular clothing again, never feel confident with intimacy, live a restricted life. Now my life is limitless and I no longer feel the burden and fear I once did with this very challenging life altering surgery. The truth is, it's not a bed of roses but the other truth is, it takes time to believe that, and hearing other people's stories can really help. So that's my motivation - to help people who are facing the challenges of living life with an ostomy feel good about themselves and a future filled with as much adventure as they can imagine .

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