I’m bored of this ostomy game…

Do you find having to change your ostomy appliance an emotional hurdle? If you don’t, I’d love to hear from you. No matter how many years I’ve managed my ostomy, I find the process of refreshing my adhesives and pouch to be draining. Yikes, no pun intended. I do, I just don’t like it, put it off until I’m tired, or I’ve had coffee or I just want to go to bed but I can FEEL it MUST be changed. Thoughts on that? I try to do morning management but the early part of my day is packed already, let alone stopping to stare at the part of my body that’s always on my mind anyway…

Skirt the issue

High waisted garter skirts and waist cinchers are back! “Skirt the issue” with one of these super cute, sexy cover ups. High enough for great coverage, they give the feeling of support and confidence and adjust to sit where it fits just right. These are my favorite sexy sets. Now available at Victoria’s Secret.

Take the leap!

It’s August and we’re into summertime fun these days. This is a shot of my nephew jumping off the dock on the island where my folks have retired. We jumped off this dock as teenagers and it’s pretty special to watch our kids enjoy the same summer pastime. These days I watch and take photos of the action instead, but not because of any hold back about my ostomy, just because the water is FREEZING!

For some of you, you might still be trying to figure out how to get out of bed, let alone imagine jumping into the water. Don’t rush it, you’ll know when you’re ready. Once you are, take the first step to just get to the beach and be energized by all the positive water-lovin fun around you. At some point when you are ready, secure yourself, suit up and then go for it! I’ve tested plenty of water impact sports and have yet to regret it.  When you’re ready to dip that first toe in the water, you’ll have reached another milestone. Keep moving forward and let me know how it goes.

Important Note: Always look before you leap and remember to check with your doctor first!

Apron Therapy

Along with obsessing over alternatives to overalls, I spent quite a bit of time madly making aprons. After I finished a very satisfying batch made from vintage fabric, I realized I was subconsciously looking for ways to cover or protect my new appliance. They surround me in my studio office, hanging happily on hangers.  I doubt they will ever see food prep, although I might toss them on friends and have an apron party someday.

Invest in the best – Jeans!

I have found my favorite jeans – David Kahn Nikki Stretch Jeans. They are a splurge but I wear them more than anything else in my wardrobe. I can dress em up or down, cuff them in summer with flip flops and pair with a great jacket in winter. They have just enough stretch to be comfortable on an airplane and just enough snug to hold everything together and make me feel secure in front. I am in L-L-love with these jeans and they have been worth every well-earned penny.

Everyone’s budget and priorities are different, and with that in mind, we will continue to offer great suggestions at myKareKit.com. For me, jeans are a wardrobe staple and over the years I have bargain shopped and spent hours searching for the best fit and current style. I have a truck load of misfits that ran me $24.99 and under. These, by far are the best ever. Full stop. If you can rationalize this purchase, I am behind you – you’ll look great comin’ or goin’! 

Layer your own look!

I just got back from a whirlwind trip of three cities; Phoenix, Philadelphia and NYC. Three different weather patterns and various events to pack for. I tossed out all of my packing advise and took everything. It was ridiculous! I lugged a huge suitcase through airports and at the Philadelphia train station, I fumbled down a huge flight of stairs almost missing my train to NYC to see my sister. All of this could have been avoided if I had followed my own advise: pack light, wear black. I ended up pulling out my simple sun dresses in Phoenix (black, brown, black…did I mention black?) and as always my favorite jeans were a staple. I layered with a little springy yellow sweater I found just before I left and it boosted my mood immediately. I added and dropped layers throughout the week. Wish I found this website before I left, I could have figured out my look ahead of time. Check out Martin + Osa, where you can get a feel for your layered look with their fun interactive mannequin. Drag and drop items you like and create the perfect outfit – have fun!

Travel in Style – Keep it Basic

Look effortlessly stylish in this comfortable patch pocket dress from GAP

When I travel, I try to use the Golden Flight Attendant Packing Rule: pack, then take half of your clothes out, then take away another half.  If you’re like most travellers, you image yourself wearing all sorts of outfits you don’t venture out in at home, or changing multiple times. Typically people on vacation want to relax and feel comfortable, it’s even more true for those of us with ostomies. When we are out experiencing new things, there’s something comforting about wearing clothes you trust and know wear well. People tend to default to their comfort zone and wear only a handful of their go-to outfits.

Over the years I have experimented with styles for warm weather travel to see what is the most comfortable. Comfort is key, but being stylish is important whether I’m the road, or on vacation. I have stuffed and squished more outfits, hats, pairs of shoes and alternate weather gear than could fit in my suit case. I’ve sat on top of my bulging case to force the zipper to close on the many variations of me I thought I would explore when away. The same thing always happens when I get to my destination or embark on a road trip. I survey the hopeful heap and dig for my cozy clothes. I wear breathable fabrics and as much as I try to break out of my habit, I always default to my safe place: basic black. In fact, I wear so much black it’s tricky to see if there’s anything in my black lined suit case now. An added bonus is I can dress in the dark because everything goes together. My daughter once asked me why I always wear “dead people clothes”. I just smiled knowing someday she would understand my relationship with forgiving, flattering, basic black.
I do bust out of my style routine from time to time when on vacation, and toss on a pair of locally made earrings or a fun scarf. I am firm believer in what I like to call “distraction action” and wearing colorful or eye catching accessories is key. I always pick up a piece or two when travelling to go with my black basics.  Since it goes with everything, I can pick up a floppy tank to top my black Capri’s or a tropical sarong to wrap around my black swim suit. I also trust my black clothes because they are forgiving if you spill and don’t show the dirt. And as the flight attendants say, “In the unlikely case of an emergency”…black gives me added confidence.

Dot Dot Dot – Favorite Tee



I found it! My favorite transitional weather tee! This is my go-to shirt when the spring sun is shining but tomorrow threatens snow. It’s been a tough spring and our neighborhood has the uprooted cherry blossoms to prove it. Slip into this Three Dots 3/4 Sleeve Playgirl Tee and find a sunny window. Check out myKareKit.com for shorter sleeves and tanks for those of you in a more southern state – or state of mind.

High Waisted Pants are Back!



Time to celebrate! High waisted pants are back this year! For those of us with a stoma close to the waist line, the low rise pants of the last few years have been tricky. JCPenny has a fun pair of wide leg high waisted pants that are currently online and on sale! The metallic is strong in the dark gray but there is a lighter gray in stores that is suitable for work or an evening out.