Journal with nostalgia and move towards better days

During my time in the hospital, or when I was ill, I often found myself writing about my pain or fears in my journal. Sometimes just getting the words down on paper feels better – for me, it always does. I have always been a journal keeper, and love the feel of a fresh journal in my hands. 

Recently I spent the day at the Seattle Folklife Festival, wandering around enjoying great music, food and checking out all the crafty crafts of the local artisans. I met a delightful journal maker named Jacob in his booth teeming with funky journals made from old books.  It was a bonanza of nostalgia and I dove in searching for books from my childhood and laughing at covers from the 60s and 70s.

About the journals
EACH JOURNAL IS UNIQUE, as in one of a kind. they are all made from recycled book covers and because of it each one is a different size.  Inside the front cover and throughout every book Jacob has retained any beautiful cover pages, illustrations, library cards, maps, inscriptions, or what-have-you found in the book (they find all kinds of beautiful stuff in these old books). and it’s all held together with a black plastic spiral.

There is something so pleasing, I cannot explain it. They are delightful and I couldn’t get enough. Take a look at the amazing selection and find a surprise inside. I chose “The I Hate to Housekeep Book” and to my delight chapter 11 was left in. Chapter 11: How to Look As Good As the Lord Intended. It’s classic! Take a look at the other gems Jacob has at and get journalling. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling better too.

Overwhelmed? Escape to a movie.

When things get overwhelming, I tend to go for the escape. Today I pulled on my wool socks, made a cup of tea and snuggled up with a movie. When I am tired, or tired of putting on a brave face, I sink deeply into a movie. Nothing better than a good sad film to pull up my tears and flush out emotional baggage. My current favorite is “Once“. Simply put, it’s brilliant. Any movie that leaves me crying in the seat as the credits roll, goes down in pen on my list of lifetime favorites. So if you, or someone you know, is holding back some tears, rent this one and pull up a blanket. Nothing like a good cry sometimes.

Go Green in Style!

Want to brighten someone’s day? Deliver a simple dinner in a pleasing package. Presentation is everything, and what could be better than a vintage inspired tote? I recommend cooking up some soup and tossing in a fresh baguette. Nothing like soul soothing soup. Check out Pretty Green where the Pangea Bag offers a fresh appeal to green style. I am obsessed with vintage prints and love the quality of this bag. Great for shopping, as a travel carry-on or just keep your bits and pieces tidy in the car inside this funky tote. It has a water repellent lining too!

My Two Cents – Lucky O’ Canada Pennies!

Anyone who knows me knows I like to add my two cents to any conversation – and that I’m Canadian. What would be more delightful that this conversation piece! Be a master of distraction in your wardrobe and wear these fun earrings to bring added value to your next conversation.

Lucky O’ Canada Pennies!
If you like to wear currency, are a fan of Canada, or just like maple leaves these earrings are for you! Two authentic Canadian pennies are drilled, domed (dapped), given a patina, brushed to highlight the images and hung from hand formed sterling silver ear wires. Cute and a good conversation starter- Have you been to Canada?

Medical ID tags with a wink


OK here’s my new favorite thing! Check out these great medical alert tag necklaces. Fiddledee ID’s offers functional medical id tags. It’s recommended to carry some kind of ID when travelling in case of emergencies. Why not do it in style, I found these ones pleasing. Gift Certificates are available and would be a great gift for someone you love.



Flowers wilt, chocolates melt, glassybaby forever


Want to cheer someone up and do some good at the same time? Every year, glassybabydesignates a select group of colors to benefit local or national organizations contributing to cancer patient care and cancer research. This one is close to my heart and in my neighborhood: True White – Healing, with a hint of pink. Find one in yours at glassybaby