Charming and Meaningful

Just when I thought I needed to toss out all of my bits and pieces from broken jewelry, game pieces and odd keys, I met an artist who puts it all together into wearable art!

Margo Estruth of Charmed Vintage makes handmade soldered charm necklaces and bracelets with vintage objects.  I found Margo in Scottsdale at an art fair but she showcases her work on Etsy.

If someone you love is in the hospital, or facing the emotional challenges of recovering from life altering surgery, giving the gift of positivity is refreshing. Gather up some meaningful items and make a customized gift – it’ll outlast flowers and be a reminder of brighter days ahead.

My Two Cents – Lucky O’ Canada Pennies!

Anyone who knows me knows I like to add my two cents to any conversation – and that I’m Canadian. What would be more delightful that this conversation piece! Be a master of distraction in your wardrobe and wear these fun earrings to bring added value to your next conversation.

Lucky O’ Canada Pennies!
If you like to wear currency, are a fan of Canada, or just like maple leaves these earrings are for you! Two authentic Canadian pennies are drilled, domed (dapped), given a patina, brushed to highlight the images and hung from hand formed sterling silver ear wires. Cute and a good conversation starter- Have you been to Canada?