Stall Walls

Bathroom stall walls. Stared at a lot of them over the years. This image was from the walls of a stall that was decoupaged with Asian newspapers and I found it wonderfully appealing. For people who have suffered bowel disease, any little distraction is appreciated whilst spending so much time in the loo. I took a picture and thought about all the hours I spent in stalls before I had my ostomy. Terrible times. I remember laying on my side on the floor in the restroom during a dinner out, trying to allow some relief from gas pains. Each time someone would enter, I would jump up, only to lay prone again in agony. When your colon is inflamed, ulcerated and bleeding, even excess gas can be terrible. It’s all miserable and tough to manage. These pleasing distractions would have helped me back then, their faces are pleasing and empathetic.

Good Form


When I was in the hospital recovering from ostomy surgery, I was very low emotionally. Despite my attempts to cope, some days I just couldn’t muster up a smile, and felt little comfort in the smiles of others. Some days I felt shame, dull sadness or simply felt sorry for myself.

One day, perhaps on a whim, my parents brought me an artist’s figure. This simple gift turned out to be a coping mechanism for me, helping me face the day. Not only did I spend hours bending and twisting it’s joints, this figure became a tool for communication – acting as a barometer for those that entered my life and my room. Each day I would pose it to reflect my mood. Typically the form’s head was low, or arms crossed, some days the face was in the hands or cradling it’s belly. Other days I lay it face down flat on it’s stomach – something I imaged I would never do again.

One day the fog of my misery cleared and I felt hopeful. I thought about sketching my little wooden friend and about all the other things I would do once I was released and able to restart my life anew. I’ll never forget that day my parents entered my room and saw my little figure, back arched and arms stretched – palms up to the sky. They smiled knowing I’d turned the corner. 

Get one for someone you love who’s suffering. It’s the simple things that can turn the day around.

Mood Lifters


Feeling down today? Here are some tips that may help:

Make some strides: Walking is a mood lifter and a change of scenery is enough of a shift to take your mind off heavier issues. Plus it’s good for you and can help work off some of that Halloween candy.
Hit the sack earlier: Get some shut eye. Everyone is better off. I know I head to cranky-cranksville and everything seems tougher when I’m tired. Pillow lumpy? Room stuffy? Fresh air and a new pillow do wonders for a good night’s sleep.
Clean up your act: De-clutter the spaces around you. Piles of paper and life’s bits and pieces are reminders of all you need to do. Keep a notepad handy to get thoughts out of your head and consolidate your to-do lists. Clear the mind!

Tune in to some music to elevate your mood. It’s amazing how my mind wanders to softer thoughts as music plays in the background. Everything is better with music in my opinion. Songs send me to memories or allow me to drift away from the chores at hand. Linger in the lyrics and enjoy.
In scent-ify your home. With all the aromatherapy options out there, anyone can find a scent that relaxes, energizes or improves the surroundings. Lavender is my favorite for relaxation, and lemony fragrances boost my energy. Vanilla is a wonderful scent too. Create a spa scented feeling in your home with diffusers or candles.

Renew your senses and achieve inner balance


I just found a bargain on these fantastic soy tin candles. 10 hour burn for just $3.95. mi™ offers more than 40 spellbinding bath and body products. The line’s luxurious indulgence awakens the senses with its intoxicating Asian-inspired scents from sensuous sake to the aromatic tropical scents of dreamy coconut lemongrass and sweetly-refreshing Yuzu. “We created our skin care line with the simplest natural ingredients for restoring tranquility to one’s chaotic lifestyle,” says mi SPA founder Mimie Wong.

Read Mimie’s story of how she was “Inspired by the thought of renewing our senses and achieving inner balance”

Ask for help


Fall is here in the Northwest and as my winter pots got re-potted by some loving friends recently, I was reminded of all of the gifts in my life. It would have been easy for me to wallow in depression, I had plenty to feel low about after spending 6 days in the hospital for having a serious obstruction. After having an ostomy for so long, I feel pretty sure I know what to eat, but now and then, I’ll get thrown for a loop when my remaining intestine get kinked and refuse to allow passage. Rest, pain meds and lots of visits from my friends and family and I am home on the mend.

Ask For Help if you need it. The people in your life will feel helpless but want to reach out to nurture you. Stay close to home and allow them to tend to some chores to beautify your surroundings. After mentioning my dying summer porch plants, my dear friends arrived with warm drinks to sip as I bundled up on my deck and they winterized my plants for fall. Now when I open my front door I have a fresh outlook, more than just the flowers in my pots.

Skirt the issue

High waisted garter skirts and waist cinchers are back! “Skirt the issue” with one of these super cute, sexy cover ups. High enough for great coverage, they give the feeling of support and confidence and adjust to sit where it fits just right. These are my favorite sexy sets. Now available at Victoria’s Secret.

Take the leap!

It’s August and we’re into summertime fun these days. This is a shot of my nephew jumping off the dock on the island where my folks have retired. We jumped off this dock as teenagers and it’s pretty special to watch our kids enjoy the same summer pastime. These days I watch and take photos of the action instead, but not because of any hold back about my ostomy, just because the water is FREEZING!

For some of you, you might still be trying to figure out how to get out of bed, let alone imagine jumping into the water. Don’t rush it, you’ll know when you’re ready. Once you are, take the first step to just get to the beach and be energized by all the positive water-lovin fun around you. At some point when you are ready, secure yourself, suit up and then go for it! I’ve tested plenty of water impact sports and have yet to regret it.  When you’re ready to dip that first toe in the water, you’ll have reached another milestone. Keep moving forward and let me know how it goes.

Important Note: Always look before you leap and remember to check with your doctor first!

First Blog!

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