Take the leap!

It’s August and we’re into summertime fun these days. This is a shot of my nephew jumping off the dock on the island where my folks have retired. We jumped off this dock as teenagers and it’s pretty special to watch our kids enjoy the same summer pastime. These days I watch and take photos of the action instead, but not because of any hold back about my ostomy, just because the water is FREEZING!

For some of you, you might still be trying to figure out how to get out of bed, let alone imagine jumping into the water. Don’t rush it, you’ll know when you’re ready. Once you are, take the first step to just get to the beach and be energized by all the positive water-lovin fun around you. At some point when you are ready, secure yourself, suit up and then go for it! I’ve tested plenty of water impact sports and have yet to regret it.  When you’re ready to dip that first toe in the water, you’ll have reached another milestone. Keep moving forward and let me know how it goes.

Important Note: Always look before you leap and remember to check with your doctor first!

Looking for swim wear for spring break?


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